Your thoughts of your tutor and your sessions are here!

Oliver Isaacs 7yrs says.....

I really like playing drums with Mark. I have been learning to play for nearly a year now, after Santa got me some drums last year. My friends really think it's cool! We have started our own band called Rock 5. I look forward to playing with Mark as we do new new things every week. I like to play at home until my mum gets a headache!! Keep Drumming


Tom Bush 26yrs says.....

A first class drum teacher with excellent patience, drumming skills and knowledge to match. He is able to create a comfortable enviroment for learning and sets great home study pieces, whilst at the same time, pushing for drum qualifications too. Would strongly reccommend Mark to all drummers, no matter the age or experience.


Annabelle Arnold 9yrs says..... (well, mum really!!)

Mark is a fantastic drum teacher......He is a most accomplished musician too! Most importantly his ability to adjust his teaching methods to really connect with his students are second to none. Experience really counts with a great teacher. I'd happily reccommend him to any aspiring drummer.


Liam Kelly 11yrs says.....

I like drumming with Mark, He makes it easy & fun!


John "Rockstar" Phillips, 46yrs says.....

I started with Mark Wright as a complete novice, and with his training, skill and unbeliveable patience!!!, he has helped me fulfil a lifetime ambition, of not only playing the drums, but, actually be out giging in a band most weekends. I couldn’t reccommend him highly enough.


Bob Hassan 48yrs says.....

I only started playing at 47, a year ago! I have been with Mark for 4 months and I'm already reading music & he has brought my playing on nicely. I's noticable to my friends that I jam with every fortnight just how well I'm doing. I will  be playing more regularly soon, thanks to Mark.


Callum Bunce, Angela & Andrew Bunce say.....

Mark has taught our son who has learning difficulties for the past 8yrs. Mark is the most patient, understanding, encouraging & skilled teacher our son could ever have had.Callum has developed into a confident and accomplished drummer and person thanks to Mark.

He is the generous and kind hearted man and we are truly blessed the day we met!

Callum adds ... I taught Mark all he knows!!!!


Nick Bull 27yrs says.....

I began taking lessons with Mark at 15yrs of age, a time when you don't naturally listen to anyone and think you know best. I had drummed a bit beforehand, but within a couple of sessions I was vastly a better player. Mark has a certain way of teaching - it's interactive and engaging, yes - you have to practice your paradiddles and rehearse your ratamacues, but, if you take on board what he says your see the results for yourself!!


Jon Arundel 29yrs says....

Ah yeah! Awesome, my Messiah!, Thanks mate,


Sam Bradley 14 yrs says.....

I'm very happy with Mark as my drum teacher, He always cheers me up! + I enjoy playing drums with Mark!


Steve "Chad" Carey 40 yrs says.....

I have been playing drums for 6yrs and play in two bands, played in venues in London + the South East. Mark Wright has taught me throughtout these six years, and still have the odd top-up even now! His teaching style is very relaxed, patient and thorough. Without Mark's guidance I wouldn't be the drummer I am today.

Mark is always there for me on all drumming matters! From tuning methods to Fine technical skills. Every lesson is enjoyable. If your thinking of learning to play the drums, Mark is the Wright man for you!